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We strongly believe in the responsible use of Children's images, and we are aware of the concerns many parents have when their children are being filmed. We only ever capture images that are considered suitable, and which appropriately represent the project at hand.


Through this policy we aim to respect children's and parents’ rights of privacy, and minimise the risks to which children can be exposed through the misuse of images.


We will only ever use images of children in suitable dress (i.e. images of swimming will never be taken), and we will never knowingly use an image of a child who is subject to a court order or in social services care, without the parent/guardians consent.




Photographs and video images of children are classed as personal data under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Images and video are always stored securely and used only by those authorised to do so.





We will not use images of identifiable individuals for openly accessible publicity purposes, without the consent of the parent, guardian or carer of any child that may feature. In seeking consent, we ensure that parents are clear why we are using a child’s image, what we are using it for, and who might want to look at the content.




The lead members of our production team present during filming will have undergone a DBS check. They will also be registered for the DBS Update service, allowing the opportunity for their up-to-date records to be checked at any time.

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Data Protection

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